Well, I’ve been very hesitant about giving Corban “people” food.  People will say that babies aren’t supposed to have any “people” food until after they are 1.  Well, I had people food before I was one and so did alot of other kids.  Maybe the reason that so many kids nowadays have food allergies is because parents are waiting too late to introduce their kids to real food.

While we were in Bossier for Thanksgiving, my mom, Corban and I went to my favorite spaghetti place, Notini’s.  I let Corban try some, and he loved it.  No, he really LOVED it.  So, I made it for lunch today and it was decided that Corban should have some spaghetti, too.  Eric stripped him down to his diaper and put him in the highchair.  Boy, did he go to town!  He even shared with his Daddy.  Oh, Penny was really happy, too.  She was the clean-up crew!