Corban has not been a very good sleeper from the beginning.  Once we were able to finally get him to sleep, it has usually been a struggle to keep him asleep.  His problem now that he’s almost 10 months old is that he doesn’t know how to put himself to sleep. He’s by no means a self-soother.

We have nobody really to blame but ourselves for it.  For one thing, Lori would nurse him to sleep.  And then once he woke up during the night, we would rock him back to sleep.  No wonder he’s so dependant on us.  No wonder he would cry his little heart out if we attempted to put him in the crib awake as “they” say you’re supposed to do.  No wonder he would pop wide awake if he was asleep and you attempted to put him in the crib.  It was getting rough.

So we both started doing research on it.  As most people already know, and we did too, there are basically two camps out there.  There’s the side that says you should teach your baby to sleep on their own.  Let them cry it out a little bit and things will eventually get better.  Then there’s the side that is totally against that.  They say that it’s cruel to do something like that.  They also say that you are supposed to comfort your babies no matter what.  Other mammals sleep with and comfort their young, why shouldn’t we.  We are not completely one way or the other.  I see logic in both sides of it.  Our worry, however, was that if Corban was different and that the cry it out just simply wouldn’t work becauase he was too attached to us.  I was convinced that we would just have to deal with being tired all the time for a while and suck it up.  After all, that’s what being a parent is all about right?  Nobody says that it’s going to be a cake walk.  They don’t call it the hardest job in the world for nothing.

Desperate for something to change, we tried a crying it out session a week or so ago.  It didn’t go well.  He cried and screamed, standing up in his crib for over an hour.  We finally gave in.  It was too heartbreaking and nerve racking.  But the more we read about this Ferber method (that’s what they call the crying it out deal), the more I saw that everyone goes through that.  And…the majority of the people that tried it had success in just a couple to a few days.

We decided to give it another shot.  We planned on trying it this past Saturday.  That night, we did his normal night time routine.  We play with him for about an hour.  Then comes bath time, brushing his teeth, and reading a story.  This time, Lori nursed him a little (not until he went to sleep) and then I read him a story, instead of having the nursing be the last thing before bed.  Once we finished our books, I placed him in his crib, rubbed his back a little, gave him his “blue dog” blanket and told him good night, I love you, etc.  Then I walked out of the room.  Of course, he cried.  We let him cry for 5 minutes.  After that time was up, I went in there, comforted him, rubbed his back, I love you, etc.  Walked out.  The crying started again and we waited 5 more minutes.  We repeated the same thing, but the next time, we let 10 minutes go by.  We did that twice and then increased it to 15.  By the second 15 minute segment, he was tired and then the crying stopped…………..and didn’t start back up again.  We were shocked. Did he really fall asleep?  I waited a little bit (I was the one doing the ferbering that first night) and went in and checked on him.  He was cuddled up with blue dog and he was asleep.  Amazing.  But we didn’t think it would last.

Surprisingly, it did.  He didn’t wake back up until around 4:30am.  We both got up (for support) and I went back into his room and did the comforting gig.  I did the same pattern as we did when we first put him down earlier in the evening.  This time, it took about the same amount of time.  Approximately 50 minutes.  After that, he was out until 7:30am.

Last night was night 2.  This time, it was Lori’s turn.  We figured that this was going to be worse because he is more attached to her (and the boobs) than he is to me.  So she did the bath, brushing teeth, stories, you know the drill.  She layed him in the crib, still awake, and we waited as he began crying.  5 minutes passed and she went in to comfort.  Two minutes into the second 5 minute set, and he was out.  For good!  Didn’t wake back up until 3-something.  We heard him whimper for a little bit and then he was back to sleep.  He woke back up at 5:15am, did the same thing and was out till close to 7:30 again.  Amazing!

Today with his naps, same thing.  She’d place him down, he cry for a few minutes (not screaming, just pathetic crying) and then he’d grab blue dog and crash out.  That worked this morning and again this afternoon.  Hopefully this isn’t just a fluke. But, I think he may be catching on to this. And his personality hasn’t changed at all either.  We were afraid that he was going to hate us.  But he’s been just as cheerful and happy as he’s ever been.  We give him quite a bit of love, so I’m sure that helps out.

So call it ferber, call it luck, call it cry it out, whatever you call it, it worked.  Hopefully.  We’ll see how the next week or so goes.  I’m hoping it works though.  It’ll make it easier to keep a sleep schedule.  And, it’ll help us out if we want to go somewhere at night and have somebody watch him.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, say a prayer, light a candle, do something.  I just hope and pray that this all ends up working out for the better.  I think he’ll be better with more rest and we will too.