So, just when you think you’re doing OK. You haven’t cried in a while, life is pretty good. Then BAM!

Since today was such a beautiful day, Eric, Corban, Penny and I went to the park to meet some friends. We were pulling Corban around in his new wagon – which he loves by the way-blog to come I’m sure (thanks Mrs. Veronica!). Anyway, we went to the swings and this little boy came running over towards Penny. I heard his mom calling his name, “Logan, Logan”. I asked her how old he was. “He’ll be 2 in April”. Well, if my Logan was born on his due date in March, he would be 2 this year. My heart sank and I lost it. To know that is how big my 1st son would be. Running, smiling, climbing.

It kinda put a damper on the rest of my day.