Lori called me into the living room this morning to see a report they were showing on the news.  They played a 9-1-1 call from a guy that stated that he was being shot at.  You could tell that he was outside and he told the dispatcher that he just left the house that he was at.  Then he tells the dispatcher to wait a minute.  You could hear the guy talking to someone else while he starts to do a drug deal on another phone.  He tells the drug customer “Yeah, I’m over by the Pit Stop.  What you want?  A ten sack?  Yeah, it’s $75.”  The dispatcher heard what the guy was saying and sent a unit over to the Pit Stop where they arrested the dumba$$ criminal!

Note: In case any of you are wondering if the 10 sack was for pot and why it was so expensive, they informed the viewers that he was referring to a ten sack of heroin.

And yes, this really happened.  I don’t make this kind of stuff up.  You know, sometimes, people just deserve to be locked up!