Well, I went for my mammogram last week. When they found out I was still breastfeeding, they opted to try just the sonogram first.

So, I was taken into this room and had my boob pressed with warm gel and the sonogram wand. The tech looked for like 15 minutes but couldn’t find a lump anywhere. So, off to the mammogram after all.

I stood, holding my breath as I watched the nurse spread my right boob across the plate. Then the clear top plate came down and my boob started to flatten out! I kept waiting for the pain to come, but it never did. She said I was probably feeling some discomfort, but I wasn’t. And let me tell you, my boob was HUGE and FLAT!! Crazy! So, it was pressed from the top then from the sides. Then it was the left one’s turn. Again, no pain or discomfort. I was relieved. She said it was because I have good breast tissue.

As I sat in the waiting room for the thumbs up that the xrays were OK, I contemplated what would happen if I did have breast cancer. So much ran through my mind. It’s crazy how you’re imagination can run away from you. I decided that I would be OK if I had to loose them. Better that than go through chemo.

So, I was finally told that everything looked good and I wouldn’t have to take any more “closeups”! Now, just go home and wait for my letter and a call from the doctor.

Received my letter in the mail. Great news! No cancer or anything. My doctor’s office called today and said they couldn’t find even the smallest lump. Of course, I have to go back in to his office for another check (drives me crazy), but I’m in the clear!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me great results! I really needed a freebie after going through what I have.