It’s about time for me to get back to the blogging once again.  I’ve got a bunch to catch up on, so I’ll do it in installments.  Today, I’ll talk about the new baby that we have on the way.  Yes, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, Lori and I are expecting another baby, due around July 20th – of this year, of course.  This will be our third baby.  One angel, Logan, one toddler, Corban and now another one on its way.  This will be our last baby.  One has been a handful (a good handful) and I’m sure two will be even trickier.  But, we are just blessed to be able to have the chance to try again.  We’re just praying for a successful pregnancy like the last one.

Things are going to be much different this time around in more ways that one.  First of all, we’re opting for the birthing center route.  We found a birthing center in Austin called the Austin Area Birthing Center. For those of you not familiar with what a birthing center offers, how I have described it to my friends is that it’s like a bed and breakfast for having babies.  The atmosphere is like a home atmosphere, as opposed to the sterile, clinical feel of a hospital.  You can check out the link to this place and see what it looks like.  They have 5 midwives who are all licensed nurses.  As we go to each of our monthly prenatal visits, we meet with each of the midwives so that we can get to know them all a little better.  The visits are much more relaxed and not rushed at all.  It really does seem like they are there to make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible throughout the entire process.  The 2 midwives that we have met so far have both impressed us alot!  And the place has a full kitchen.  So we can take food up there to store or to cook if the labor seems to be taking a while.  Oh, and assuming all goes well, we”ll leave the same day after having the baby.  They say that so long as there aren’t any problems, there’s no reason for a new family to not be at home with their new baby.  I agree!!  I hated that we had to be at the hospital as long as we did.  I mean, it was good for the first baby because they had lots of good pointers and whatnot, but we don’t need that this time around.

Another difference with this one vs. the last birth is that I am (hopefully) going to take a more active role in the delivery.  I have asked for and gotten permission from the birthing center to help with the physical delivery of the baby, assuming all goes well.  The midwife that will be assisting us will deliver the head and the shoulders, since they are the most difficult, and from that point on, it’ll hopefully be me delivering the rest of the baby.  I know, some people freak out about that, but not me.  I have always been so completely in awe of  the whole pregnancy and birthing process that this will be right up my alley.  I can’t wait!  I can’t think of anything more amazing that to be that involved, with my wife, in bringing our new child into the world.  The midwife that we spoke to at our last visit recommended a book called Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth that I have coming in the mail.  It’s supposed to be THE guide to the whole birthing process.  She said that it should do a pretty good job at preparing me for my new role as delivery dad!

Finally, I am convinced that this baby is going to be a girl.  Lori has been trying to deny that, but the other day, she conceded that she thinks that she’s carrying this one higher.  Not that we’re giving into old wives tales, but with the first two pregnancies with the boys, she carried them low.  We’ll see who the correct person is.  We’ll have our sonogram in March that should be able to determine the gender.  We’re going to have them not tell us, but write it down in a card that we’ll then take to a baker.  We’ll instruct them to look at the card and depending on if it’s a boy or a girl, they’ll tint the inner part of the cake either blue or pink.  That sonogram should be around the time of Lori’s birthday so for her birthday cake, we’ll use the gender cake.  With friends and family over, Lori will cut into the cake and we’ll all find out at the same time what the gender is going to be.  Pretty cool idea huh? I think Lori’s cousin or someone she knows had that idea and we stole it.  Nothing wrong with that!

Sixteen weeks down, 24 more to go.  Seems like a long time to go, but the weeks are flying by.  I know that the delivery day is going to be here before we know it.