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We had our ultrasound on Friday and the baby looked good!  I made a card and had the tech write in it what we were having.  We then took it to Round Rock Bakery and had them make a cake in which the filling was either blue or pink depending on what the baby was.

Saturday, we had a few friends over to celebrate my early birthday and the great cutting of the cake.  When we sliced it open, it was blue!

Here are a few pictures from the great event.

What will it be?

Our little family

Cutting the cake

I see blue! It's a boy!!!

Eric had to cut both ends of the cake, just to make sure!


Friends of ours have been trying to adopt a baby for several years now.  On Monday, they received the good news that they had been chosen.  On June 14th, a baby boy will be born and (hopefully) will be home with our friends a few weeks later.

I’m praying that the mom will go through with this adoption and our friends will have a baby that they’ve always wanted.  I only wish that more women out there would be less selfish and give their babies to good homes.  SO many babies are not well taken care of and deserve better.

Of Jack and Monica and Sam today on what would have been Jack’s 3rd birthday.

Happy birthday little one.  You are missed and will always be loved.

So small am I,
In a universe so vast.
So large my loss:
My mourning eases but still will last.

Under the stars
On our own small world
I know that others share my pain.
Love’s cruel cost–
Black holes within hearts
Where parental dreams once had been.

Peace finds me
In the stillness,
Surrounded high and low by a million suns.
God appears in the large and the little–
In the universal order
And in the grace that comes

From fellow mourners and understanding friends
Who walk with me through grief that dims, but never really ends

…..Elizabeth A. Pector

So, I’m pregnant again.  Baby #3.  Hence the nickname for this baby is B3.

I hate when people ask me if this is my first child (when Corban is not with me) or if it’s my second (when he is).  I’m always honest and say that this is my 3rd.  Of course, the nosy people then ask how old my other child is.  I always respond with the truth.  I lost my first son when I was 20 weeks pregnant.  Most look at me like they can’t believe I shared this information with them.  Some understand.

Me, I hate that I have to answer with the truth and that the truth ever happened.  It never gets easier.

Man, I have been so neglectful of this site. I miss blogging. Life has had me running lately.

Now, however, I have my own computer soon to be set up somewhere other than the office. So, I will be able to access the internet during the day! Woo Hoo!!!! I hope to catch up on the blogging – Corban willing!

So stay tuned friends. Hopefully I will catch you up on what has been going on in our lives.

And, Monica, I am so sorry that we haven’t gone to lunch yet. I owe you big time!!

Lately I feel like a horrible mother. I have had flowers to take out to Logan that I purchased over a month ago, but I can’t seem to bring myself out there. Why? What gives? I feel terrible and I internally beat myself up about it.

I miss him dearly and wish he was here with me. It seems the name Logan is really popular now. I hear it all the time and each time my throat lumps up.

So, if I miss him so much, why can’t I bring myself to go visit him?

Well, I went for my mammogram last week. When they found out I was still breastfeeding, they opted to try just the sonogram first.

So, I was taken into this room and had my boob pressed with warm gel and the sonogram wand. The tech looked for like 15 minutes but couldn’t find a lump anywhere. So, off to the mammogram after all.

I stood, holding my breath as I watched the nurse spread my right boob across the plate. Then the clear top plate came down and my boob started to flatten out! I kept waiting for the pain to come, but it never did. She said I was probably feeling some discomfort, but I wasn’t. And let me tell you, my boob was HUGE and FLAT!! Crazy! So, it was pressed from the top then from the sides. Then it was the left one’s turn. Again, no pain or discomfort. I was relieved. She said it was because I have good breast tissue.

As I sat in the waiting room for the thumbs up that the xrays were OK, I contemplated what would happen if I did have breast cancer. So much ran through my mind. It’s crazy how you’re imagination can run away from you. I decided that I would be OK if I had to loose them. Better that than go through chemo.

So, I was finally told that everything looked good and I wouldn’t have to take any more “closeups”! Now, just go home and wait for my letter and a call from the doctor.

Received my letter in the mail. Great news! No cancer or anything. My doctor’s office called today and said they couldn’t find even the smallest lump. Of course, I have to go back in to his office for another check (drives me crazy), but I’m in the clear!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me great results! I really needed a freebie after going through what I have.