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We had our ultrasound on Friday and the baby looked good!  I made a card and had the tech write in it what we were having.  We then took it to Round Rock Bakery and had them make a cake in which the filling was either blue or pink depending on what the baby was.

Saturday, we had a few friends over to celebrate my early birthday and the great cutting of the cake.  When we sliced it open, it was blue!

Here are a few pictures from the great event.

What will it be?

Our little family

Cutting the cake

I see blue! It's a boy!!!

Eric had to cut both ends of the cake, just to make sure!


It’s about time for me to get back to the blogging once again.  I’ve got a bunch to catch up on, so I’ll do it in installments.  Today, I’ll talk about the new baby that we have on the way.  Yes, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, Lori and I are expecting another baby, due around July 20th – of this year, of course.  This will be our third baby.  One angel, Logan, one toddler, Corban and now another one on its way.  This will be our last baby.  One has been a handful (a good handful) and I’m sure two will be even trickier.  But, we are just blessed to be able to have the chance to try again.  We’re just praying for a successful pregnancy like the last one.

Things are going to be much different this time around in more ways that one.  First of all, we’re opting for the birthing center route.  We found a birthing center in Austin called the Austin Area Birthing Center. For those of you not familiar with what a birthing center offers, how I have described it to my friends is that it’s like a bed and breakfast for having babies.  The atmosphere is like a home atmosphere, as opposed to the sterile, clinical feel of a hospital.  You can check out the link to this place and see what it looks like.  They have 5 midwives who are all licensed nurses.  As we go to each of our monthly prenatal visits, we meet with each of the midwives so that we can get to know them all a little better.  The visits are much more relaxed and not rushed at all.  It really does seem like they are there to make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible throughout the entire process.  The 2 midwives that we have met so far have both impressed us alot!  And the place has a full kitchen.  So we can take food up there to store or to cook if the labor seems to be taking a while.  Oh, and assuming all goes well, we”ll leave the same day after having the baby.  They say that so long as there aren’t any problems, there’s no reason for a new family to not be at home with their new baby.  I agree!!  I hated that we had to be at the hospital as long as we did.  I mean, it was good for the first baby because they had lots of good pointers and whatnot, but we don’t need that this time around.

Another difference with this one vs. the last birth is that I am (hopefully) going to take a more active role in the delivery.  I have asked for and gotten permission from the birthing center to help with the physical delivery of the baby, assuming all goes well.  The midwife that will be assisting us will deliver the head and the shoulders, since they are the most difficult, and from that point on, it’ll hopefully be me delivering the rest of the baby.  I know, some people freak out about that, but not me.  I have always been so completely in awe of  the whole pregnancy and birthing process that this will be right up my alley.  I can’t wait!  I can’t think of anything more amazing that to be that involved, with my wife, in bringing our new child into the world.  The midwife that we spoke to at our last visit recommended a book called Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth that I have coming in the mail.  It’s supposed to be THE guide to the whole birthing process.  She said that it should do a pretty good job at preparing me for my new role as delivery dad!

Finally, I am convinced that this baby is going to be a girl.  Lori has been trying to deny that, but the other day, she conceded that she thinks that she’s carrying this one higher.  Not that we’re giving into old wives tales, but with the first two pregnancies with the boys, she carried them low.  We’ll see who the correct person is.  We’ll have our sonogram in March that should be able to determine the gender.  We’re going to have them not tell us, but write it down in a card that we’ll then take to a baker.  We’ll instruct them to look at the card and depending on if it’s a boy or a girl, they’ll tint the inner part of the cake either blue or pink.  That sonogram should be around the time of Lori’s birthday so for her birthday cake, we’ll use the gender cake.  With friends and family over, Lori will cut into the cake and we’ll all find out at the same time what the gender is going to be.  Pretty cool idea huh? I think Lori’s cousin or someone she knows had that idea and we stole it.  Nothing wrong with that!

Sixteen weeks down, 24 more to go.  Seems like a long time to go, but the weeks are flying by.  I know that the delivery day is going to be here before we know it.

Go Aggies!

His Dad is really proud of him!

His Dad is really proud of him!

This past Friday, September 19th, Corban turned 6 months old.  A half of a year has already gone by.  It’s hard to believe, but at the same time, not surprising.  They say the time flies, and I guess “they” were right.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital, yet so much has changed that it makes it seems like a really long time ago.  I almost don’t remember what it was like when he was brand new. 

Six months ago, we were totally overwhelmed with everything that new parents feel when they bring home a new human being.  “What the hell are going to do?!”  It was one thing taking care of our dog Penny.  It’s a completely different thing taking care of a child.  But we’ve survived somehow…through thick and thin.  I can’t even count the number of times that we were ready to sign divorce papers.  Well, not really, but we sure felt like it quite a few times in the past six months.  We’ve done a great job making up again though.  The ironic thing is that the reason for most of our stress (Corban) is also the thing that grounds us and keeps us happy.  We can be dead tired, stressed out, at each other’s throats and then Corban will make the cutest little sound or smile a certain way and all of the sudden, the world is right again.  It’s amazing how that works.  And I’m sure that all parents can vouch for that too.  I love it.  This kid is absolutely amazing.  He continues to awe us on a very regular basis.  And he keeps getting cuter.  Is that really possible?

Let’s see what’s happened to the Fergusons in the past six months.  In March, Lori was past her due date at 10 months pregnant.  Boy was that fun for all parties involved!  Even Penny caught the wrath of pregnant mom every now and then.  Well, OK, the wrath wasn’t that bad, but it definitely seemed like it at the time.  We forgive her though.  She did an awesome job carrying the baby.  We had Corban on March 19th.  He was brought home a couple days later and got to meet Penny dog.  She was unsure what was going on, but she has accepted him for the most part.  She still gets jealous on a daily basis, but that’s because she was our first “child”.  We can tell that she loves Corban though…so long as she gets her lovin’ from us when she wants…err…demands it.  

The beginning of May, we finally found a house.  We were able to close on it on May 28th.  We have great neighbors and so far have enjoyed living where we’re at.  Not to mention, we no longer have white trash neighbors living above us anymore.  You don’t even know what a relief it has been to escape the WT that resided above us in our last apartment complex.  That’s a long story.  No need to get into that now.  Just know that they were trash.

We’ve moved in and somehow have managed to not kill each other.  With me working from home, Lori not working because she’s a stay-at-home mom now, the baby being here all day long and the dog needing attention, life can get interesting.  We’re a family that has stayed together pretty much all day and night every day since Corban was born.  Both Lori and I are in the process of finding separate activities that each of us can be involved in.  We love each other very  much, but we do need some of our own time away from each other and the family.  It’ll be for the good of us all.  So we’ll see what comes up for each of us.

Corban has had a ton of milestones so far.  He started out as you would expect a baby to start.  Really not looking or focusing on anything.  Wild arms and legs all over the place in real jerky motions.  A head that seemed like it was attached by a string that would snap each time you picked him up.  And man, he seemed so light back then.  He’s doubled his birthweight now and is weighing in at just about 17 lbs, and measures at 27 inches.  That’s pretty wild!  He almost doesn’t fit into his car seat anymore.  Great…time to buy the expensive one.  Is it wrong to have another baby shower to get more stuff?  Could we call it a toddler shower?  If people were willing to help out the first time, maybe they wouldn’t have a problem chipping in again.  I’m sure Lori would be like “Oh my God…you can’t do that!”  It never hurts to try though.  I’ll be sending out invitations in the next week or so.  Be on the lookout.  haha.

Corban has officially (as of the last week or so) gone from the most colicky baby in the world, well, at least our world, to a baby that has a fairly normal nightly sleep schedule.  THANK GOD!  I know that Lori was probably more tired than me since she was getting up with him 99% of the time, but I wasn’t sleeping well either.  Hey, it’s hard work staying in bed, half asleep, waiting to see if your wife will holler for help.  It’s not easy people.  I’m tired too.

Crawling is the new thing now.  Corban has gone from not being able to lift his head on his own to now being able to roll himself over with no problems at all.  Not only can he hold his head up now, but he has started to master the crawling means of transportation.  And he loves it!  It started out as a crude Army-like low crawl.  His butt would raise up in the air, he’d put his feet underneath his body and then he would extend his arms out and pull himself foward.  He wasn’t able to lift his chest, so that made any chance of being fast or graceful a long shot.  Totally different story now.  He likes to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.  He can crawl very quickly now, and he loves to make his way across the room that he’s in to get at all of the things that he shouldn’t.  He could have a whole thing of toys in front of him and somehow lose interest and make his way over to a table leg that he proceeds to put in his mouth.  Man, everything goes in the mouth.  I knew that was going to happen, but I didn’t realize it was literally EVERYTHING.  His foot, a table leg, Penny’s tail, blocks, paper, you name it, he tries to get it in his mouth.

And speaking of his mouth, it’s funny to watch him when he “talks”.  He’ll sit there and babble on and on and his little mouth will move in these awkward ways along with his tongue as he gives it his best attempt to pronounce words.  I know that he’s still probably a few months shy of actually saying words, but it’s been fun watching and listening to him as he goes through the learning process.

He loves his bath time.  We have a goofy song that we sing every night before taking a bath and his eyes just light up!  And now since he can sit up on his own, we no longer lay him down in the baby sling that we had in his baby tub.  He’s a big boy now so he can sit up on his own.  Besides, it’s easier to play with his toys that way.  He loves to play with the water too!  The past couple nights, he’s been splashing it up in the water.  He loves it.  Every now and then though, he’ll splash really hard and it’ll kind of take his breath away as his face gets covered with water.  But he’ll go right back to the vigorous splashing soon after getting his bearings.  

His hair still has not been cut.  You can see that in most of his pictures.  It’s really weird how his hair has grown.  Long on the sides and on the top and front.  Not so much in the back though, with the exception of a flap of hair that hangs down the middle of the back of his head.  Like an old man’s comb over, but it goes down instead of across his head.  His hair in the back isn’t short because it was long and has rubbed off.  It started out in this strange pattern. When he was born, it was short in the back and long in the places that I mentioned.  Now, the long parts on the sides have grown down past his little jaw.  We attempted to cut it, but he wouldn’t hold still, so he’s stuck with it for a while.  It’s a great conversation piece when we meet new people.  Everyone loves it.  And yes Mimi, they’re being serious when they say that.  It’s what makes him unique.  We’ll cut it when it’s time to cut it.  For now, we’re leaving it as is.  He fits right in, here in Austin.  

So alot has happened.  Almost more than it seems could possibly happen in a mere six months.  I can’t imagine what the next six months are going to be like.  I’m sure that he’ll be walking by then.  He’ll most likely have some words that he knows then as well.  Lord help us though.  Two long-winded parents are sure to have produced a long winded child.  Now that Corban is sleeping well through the night, it might be a good idea for us to catch up on some sleep before the talk-a-thon begins.

And last but not least, Corban loves to eat!  Boy does he ever!!  He had no problems at all taking to being fed with a spoon.  In fact, he loves it when it’s time to eat.  I guess the ease with which we got him eating made up for the difficulty we had with him and his early terrible sleep habits.  He has tried countless different vegetables, but right now meat isn’t his thing.  He tried some baby food chicken that we gave him a taste of and he wasn’t having it.  The gagging that he did was enough for us to decide to hold off on meats for now.  He’s vegetarian for the time being.  He loves his cereal, especially the kind with fruit mixed in.  And bananas…man does he love bananas.  He’s started making a “mmmm – mmmmmm” sound when he is really digging what we’re feeding him.  Bananas are one such item.  Pretty much, all the fruits are.  Just recently, we tried giving him a non-salted cracker.  He’ll put it in his mouth, gnaw on it a little bit and then pull it back out for inspection.  This processs continues until said cracker is partially eaten and the rest of the way crumbled onto the floor.  That’s where Penny comes in.  She doesn’t mind playing clean-up crew.  They already make a great pair.  Penny is placing herself in the right position for later when Corban learns how to “get rid” of his food.  We know the game.  You’re a smart dog Penny, but we’ve got our eyes on you!

I’m so incredibly blessed to have gone through this experience with Lori and Corban…and Penny too.  I couldn’t ask for a better family.  Parenthood really is amazing.  Is that why it’s so exhausting too?  I feel like I can never get enough sleep.  And that feeling won’t leave for a very long time, I’m sure.  It has been wonderful though.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to witness it all first hand every day.  I love this kid more than I could ever put down in words, and that love seems to continue to grow and grow as each day goes by.  Only six months and I feel like I’ve had him forever.  What will the next 17 1/2 years be like?  I can only imagine.  Bring on the toys!  That’s what I’m excited about.  I mean, I’m sure that Corban can’t wait to start playing with toys.  Yeah….that.  Hey, who said it was a crime to live vicariously through your children?  I plan on it, and I’m not ashamed.  

Here are some pictures of Corban over the past six months. (If the pictures take too long to load or view, then you can also check them out here.)

This is a test post from my iPod with a funny pic of the kiddo attached. This is a picture that I took of him one night a few weeks ago when I was eating dinner on the floor in the living room. He always has the most serious looks on his face. This one was priceless though. It makes me laugh every time I see it. (No, this pic was not taken with my iPod. I just have it saved on it.)

Back in the early days of this blog, I used to get onto Lori all the time for never posting anything.  She would always say that I was better at it than she was.  But, it looks like she’s been doing way more posting than me.  I’ve been slacking, and I admit that.  I guess I have to admit it because there hasn’t been a peep out of me since I got my new iPod Touch.  Yes, I know when the last post was because my lovely wife reminded me of it.  Makes it look like I get a new gadget and forget about the blogging of my family life.

You know, I’ve heard people say “Enjoy your kids while you can because they grow up SO fast!”  Man, ain’t that the truth.  I mean, I know that time goes by faster the older you get.  I’m reminded of that when I think back to when I joined the Army, which was 16 years ago.  I remember thinking back then, before Basic Training “Man, 4 years of the Army?  That’s like 4 years of high school.  And high school seemed like it took forever!”  But, it wasn’t so.  The Army flew by.  And college went by even faster!  Maybe it was all the partying that was done in the Army and in college.  Or, maybe it’s just the fact that as you get older, the faster the time seems to fly by.  Now with a kid, it’s on turbo speed. 

I’m always making comparisons in my mind to how time flies.  I think about Corban now.  He’s 6 months old.  Really?  That’s crazy to me that 6 months have already gone by.  The last six months of Lori’s pregnancy with Corban seemed to take FOREVER!  Especially the last 6 weeks.  But now we have a 6 month old child.  I don’t even look at him as a baby anymore.  He’s starting to become a little toddler.  Well, Lori says that at this age, they’re called infants.  To me, he’s just a toddler that can’t talk or walk yet.  He’ll be there soon though, I’m sure.

Lori already mentioned in her last post that he’s started crawling.  He’s quick too!  He’s got his funky crawl thing going, but it works for him.  You turn your back for a minute and he’s across the room!  He’s just about gotten to the point where he can do the whole on the hands and knees crawl action.  He’s almost got it figured out.  In the mean time, it’s his own way goin’ on and it’s working.

Corban has been going through phases of gibberish that comes out of his mouth.  One week, all he did was vocalize everything.  “LA-LA-LA-OH-AH-OOH-LA-LA-GA-MA”  You know, typical baby talk.  Then he started this thing of saying “MA-MA-MA-MA”.  I’m sure he’s not saying the actual word, nor is he comprehending it, but he is repeating the sound.  Sucks for me because his first word-word will probably be “mama”.  I’ll have to work on that though.  Just don’t tell Lori that when she’s not around us all I do is say “da-da-da-da-da-da-da”.  Just kidding.  He’ll say what he wants to say.  And I’m sure that once he starts talking, there will be times that we’ll wish that he learns how to play the Quiet Game. 

Now though, he hasn’t been talking as much.  But this has happend a couple times in the past.  One week he’s motor mouth, then next week, he won’t say anything.  The one thing that has remained constant however, is the serious look that he’s always got on his face.  He does smile and laugh alot, but most of the time, he looks like he’s studying things.  We’re hoping that this means that he’s going to be a smart kid.  Lord knows we could use a doctor’s income to help us out when Lori and I are old and grey!  But, people comment on that all the time.  “Oh he’s so cute…but he looks so serious.”  He’s taking it all in.  That’s why we think that he’ll do things early like walk and talk.  I know that every parent hopes for that and sees those signs in their kids, but I really do think that.  You can just see it on his face.

It’s been great seeing him grow up.  It’s happened so fast that it’s seems impossible that he used to be so small that we had to hold his head up for him so it wouldn’t fall off (as Lori’s stepdad would always say to us).  He’s sitting up now, he’s starting to make talking sounds.  He’ll be walking before too long.  Damn…we’ve got to get our act together and get this place baby proofed.  I joked about doing that early on but we were both like “We’ve got plenty of time!”  Yeah right.  Time’s up.  Time to put protectors on the outlets.  Get small things off the floor.  And keep our eye on everything that comes even remotely close to his mouth.  It’s like his mouth is a gigantic magnet that pulls everything into it!!  I knew that babies liked to put things in their mouths, but seeing it day in and day out is nuts!  It’s a job in and of itself to keep no-no’s out of his mouth.

So the past couple days, I’ve been working with him on learning colors.  We have one of those things that looks like a colored pyramid of donut shaped plastic ringss.  You know the toy I’m talking about.  You can take the rings on and off this plastic center piece and it’s got a base that rocks back and forth.  I just looked it up.  It’s called the Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack.  Well Corban loves it.  He loves taking the rings off and has even started to put them back on by himself.  Granted, he’s a little clumsy with it, but he gets the job done.  And he seems to be very attentive when I’m working with him as I call out each color as I take the rings off and hand them to him.  I even started taking two rings and I would hold them side by side and ask him to pick a certain color.  More times than not, he picks the right one and I’m sure to praise him.  Sure, it’s probably just lucky probability that he’s picking the right now, but it’s a start.  He’ll learn soon enough to associate the color that I ask for with the correct ring.  He’s a genius in my eyes already.

Corban’s Mimi, Aunt Donna and Aunt Tanya came to visit this past weekend.  I would put up pictures, but Eric has the other camera with him in Florida and I think the pics I took are on that card.  So, I’ll post some later.

Corban is sitting up by himself for a long time before he falls over. I’m just happy that he doesn’t cry when he falls over.  He’s also doing his own special version of crawling.  He will get his knees under him and then pull himself forward with his arms.  It’s really something to see.  And, he’s pretty fast at it, too.

Here are some recent cute pics of my little man.  Hope you enjoy!