Corban has started really becoming interested in pushing things around the house.  He can be found pushing a car around the house, a ball, a stuffed animal, a cell phone, and even a greeting card or piece of paper.  It’s hilarious to watch.  Well, recently, he’s started pushing a laundry basket around the house.  The basket seems to have just enough resistance to where it doesn’t get away from him since he doesn’t have full confidence in himself yet to walk on his own.  Click here to see a video of him pushing some of his stuffed animals around in the basket.  He loves doing this!  The only thing is that once he gets started, he doesn’t want to stop!  If he gets it stuck against the wall or a piece of furniture, he’ll start crying.  An animal has definitely been created here.  Who knew that baby toys could be so inexpensive!  Too bad as he gets older, things like that just wont be as cool.  His parents probably won’t be as “cool” then either.  We’ll deal with that when the time comes.


Another new development has been his understanding of the sign for “more”.  We’ve been teaching him a few signs using sign language so that he might be able to communicate with us earlier than he would if we just relied on his speech development.  One of the signs we’ve been using for a long time is the sign for “more”. While we’re feeding him, we’ll occasionally stop  and ask him “Do you want more?” while doing the sign for “more”.  Last week, while Lori was out running errands and I was at home feeding Corban, he finally did the sign.  The actual sign is made by holding the tips of your fingers together with your thumb on each hand.  You then tap both hands together at the tips of your fingers.  That’s the picture for it to the left.  No, that’s not Corban.  He’s not bruised, doesn’t wear blouses (is that what that shirt is?) nor does he wear bracelets! : )

So I was feeding him and then stopped.  I asked him “Corban, do you want more?” and then did the sign for it.  He looked up at me, looked real serious (as he always does) and then tapped one of his hands on top of the other one.  Not a bad start!  We did it again, and again, he did the same thing.  It’s gotten to the point now where he’ll do it some times without being prompted.  But, pretty much every time you ask him now, he’ll do the sign.  That is, if he is still hungry or thirsty.  If he’s not, he won’t do the sign.  How awesome is that?  It was just as exciting as I’m sure it will be when he says his first real word.

I called Lori to tell her, but she didn’t believe me.  Oh ye of little faith!  When we had dinner that night, I asked Corban the question and immediately, he did the sign.  Lori couldn’t believe her eyes!  I told you so!!  We’ve got a quick little learner on our hands.  It’s now time to up the ante and start teaching him more signs.  I can’t wait to see how much he can learn.

Corban has also gotten onto a sharing kick, which is great, being that he’s an only child and not around alot of other people very much.  He loves to share though.  He can have his blanket with him on the floor and randomly, he’ll look up at you adoringly and start to hand you his blanket.  Of course, we thank him every time he does that and tell him now nice that was of him to share.  He’ll also do that with food.  This morning, he didn’t want to eat the scrambled egg yolks that Lori was had on his high chair, so he started grabbing chunks of it and offered it out to Lori.  It was pretty funny.  He kept doing it, until all of it was gone.  What a smart kid!  Penny is another beneficiary of his sharing as well.  She also gets treats fed to her by the little man.  That’s another thing that he really enjoys doing…handing her treats.  He doesn’t always know to hold it in his hand in a way that she can take it from him though.  Some times, he’ll grab it and hold it in the palm of his hand and then offer it out to Penny.  It’s a funny site watching Penny try to pry his hand open to get to it.    I’ll have to see if we can get pictures of his various sharing activities and I’ll post them up here.

What else has he done that’s new?  Oh yeah, he’s starting to dance the baby jig.  You know the one – where a baby awkwardly bounces up on down while they’re standing up.  He gets a kick out of it.  He’ll do it and then look up at us and laugh.  He’ll surely be a lover of music as he grows up, just like his parents.

I think that’s it for this update.  I’ll think about anything else that he’s been doing and post more later.